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Gemstone Balancing Class

Gemstone Balancing Class

Each chakra center of a person has a resting stone, working stone, and meditative stone. Students will learn what their resting, working and meditative stone is for each chakra center. Students will learn how to pick up a stone and feel the attributes of a stone. They will learn the fundamentals of various stones, the attributes and how they can be utilized for healing themselves.

Certification Gemstone Balancing Workshop is designed for those students that want to teach and/or practice on the general public. The yearly program takes things more slowly and the basic stones as well as the more advanced stones are introduced. The root chakra stones, naval chakra stones, solar plexus stones, heart chakra stones, throat chakra stones, third-eye chakra stones, crown chakra stones and bridge stones will be discussed and thoroughly understood. The weekly class will also cover elixirs and how these can be made utilizing some of the gemstones. Students in this class will also be able to pick up a stone they do not know, identify it and be able to tell the attributes of such stone and for what healing purpose it might be used. Students will also be conducting hands-on layouts with other students throughout this class. Crystals are covered in this course.

The student, for the final, and their certificate, will be required to perform a lay-out on a total stranger.